Letter: What a time to act on whiplash injury!

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It seems ironic to me that just as I have my first car accident (not my fault) and suffer genuine, agonising whiplash,

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David Cameron has a conference, to discuss the extortionate cost of car insurance.

I am in no doubt that there is a blossoming business in “ambulance chasing” by solicitors and lawyers, on behalf of unscrupulous claimants. I also understand that this pushes up premuims for long suffering motorists. However, I think it is wrong, that Cameron concentrates just on this aspect of car insurance and, as far as I understand, no mention of the burgeoning profits of the car insurance industry.

Certainly, in the last three years, regardless of this current accident and it coinciding with my “Renewal Notice”, I had seen my car insurance premiums double! I am currently paying a staggering £135.00 per month, even though the defendent, who hit my car, has admitted liability. I am told this amount will reduce, once my claim is settled. It seems to me, that the car insurers put all the risk on their long suffering customers!!

In the meantime, I will continue with my intense physiotherapy, persue a personal injuries claim and try and deal with the pain and upset of an accident that wasn’t my fault and that left me with a painful spasm in my neck, shoulders and arms and a chronic lack of confidence when I approach Armley Gyratory in the rush hour.

Cherril Cliff, Hall Lane, Armley

YEP Letters: March 16