Letter: Well served with public transport

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I WRITE in response to the article (YEP, June 29) regarding the proposed NGT plans and comments made by Kevin Grady, Director of Leeds Civic Trust.

Along the A660 and its environs in inner NW Leeds we do not have a basic problem with poor public transport. We are generally well served.

We live along the most characterful main road from/to the city centre and its beauty and character are now massively threatened by a scheme to deliver “improved public transport”. Improvements we don’t seek or need.

Mr Grady states that the project “is in the best interests of the city” and states that the widespread removal of mature trees along the route would be more than compensated by replanting. When? In 30 years time? The answer is never.

This project will suck massive public funds from more urgent and important services, will subject the route to all of the environmental damage from the encumbrances of overhead cables and supports, will cause greater congestion, will be based upon technology which is already being made obsolete, will not improve air quality in the middle of Headingley (the worst air quality apparently in the city), will not offer improvements in public transport for the users and will not offer value for money.

It will be a civic folly for years to come but yet could be made much better, could offer improvements to users, could cause much less environmental damage and could be done much quicker if only our council would allow opportunities to be discussed in detail with residents and to be embraced with enthusiasm.

Martyn Thomas, Chair Weetwood Residents’ Association