Letter: Well-designed social homes are the answer

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I read with interest proposals fronted by Leeds City Council to come to the rescue of what we are led to believe are shed-loads of first-time buyers in what is already an over-inflated housing market.

As taxpayers’ money is to be used for their so-called ‘helping hand’ scheme, we should remember that there are thousands of empty homes from Leeds through to Selby and beyond.

And for goodness sake, do we have to keep referring to potential dwellers as first-time buyers? They are potential borrowers of very large amounts of money. There is enough inflation; why have more people in trouble?

We really need to own up and swallow false pride, and realise what is needed are good quality, well-designed social homes to keep in line with local pay scales.

Many of the jobs available today won’t pay enough for mortgages, so why create inflation on the back of speculation?

Let government go back to the Fair Rent Act, and break the back of the private landlords’ domination that see nearly all the earnings of the low-paid dumped. Let us go back to having some values, standards and principles.

Kendal Wilson, Wharfe Bank Terrace, Tadcaster

YEP Letters: March 16