Letter: Weak NGT case

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THE CASE for NGT trolley buses as propounded by Metro’s chairman, Mr James Lewis seems to be weakening by the week.

Most recently (YEP, June 10) he falls back on the words of an unnamed “panel of independent transport experts”, quoting “high quality... “innovative...” and “cutting edge.”

These are the weasel words of quangos, committees and bureaucrats whenever public sector projects are proposed, and bear no relevance to the day to day cost-effectiveness and environmental issues involved.

The York/Selby Road white elephant of bus channels are a case in point, largely unused by buses, merely serving as an unsightly litter trap and aggro source for other road users.

Mr Lewis would be better advised to take note of the more pertinent words used by the scores of YEP correspondents who, (unlike the “experts”), will be required to pay for this 15 mile monster... and no doubt subsidise it into indeterminate future decades.

Words such as “senseless”, “destructive”, “inefficient” and “unsustainable” have been appearing in readers’ letters for months, and it really is about time that the proposers acknowledged that NGT is NBG.

If this harebrained North-South scheme does get the go-ahead, how long will it be before the East-West NGT proposal is tabled ?

Vernon Wood, email