Letter: Weak case for trolleybus

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LEEDS will get its trolleybus because, in my view, Leeds City Council does not care for your opinion or for any rational argument. It’s not their money.

After all West Park Community Centre must be the first building in history facing demolition because it needs rewiring. Leeds will have [some of] its street lighting turned off at midnight to save £1m despite it costing £376,000 to implement.

Councillor Richard Lewis – the common thread in every madcap idea associated with the city – says if there is a problem then the situation could be reversed again. Presumably at the cost of a further £376,000. But hey, it’s not his money.

Back to the follybus. Mark Goldstone from Leeds Chamber of Commerce and the man behind Leeds Armouries shopping area are both quoted as saying that good transport networks are vital. Neither mentioned the trolleybus. That doesn’t matter.

Both quotes were seized upon by the pro-trolleybus lobby (which doesn’t include a single business person who has no vested interest) as being proof that ‘business leaders back the NGT’. They don’t. Business leaders run real businesses and are accountable to shareholders and would never fall for the tenuous weak business case presented by the council.

Let’s just remind ourselves that running a bendy bus on wires on one route will cost £76m of your money (before the Government puts in its money) yet Sunday and evening parking charges ‘need to be implemented because of massive budget pressures’.

Business leaders have already voiced their concerns about that one. But they will be ignored, and you will be too.

Andrew Mitchell, Swillington Lane, Leeds 26