Letter: We’re not all swept away by ‘Murray mania’

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I was really annoyed when they cancelled the programming of Raiders Of The Lost Ark on June 30 to make way for Wimbledon and (faint with anticipation) Andy Murray.

What was worse was the apparently sudden rescheduling on BBC2 of TOTP2 (1960s) to cynically appease the “wrinklies” amongst us shouting at the television at this autocratic decision.

Still, my missus didn’t mind as it gave her a chance to swoon at Andy Fairweather-Low when Amen Corner came on.

I thought the BBC valued “inclusion, diversity and equality”? Why then force on a significant number of us, who do not like sport, the spectacle of triumphalist, fist-clenching young men who then “erm erm erm” their way through the post-match interview?

R Kimble, Leeds LS5

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