Letter: We must not follow the USA’s lead again

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Within a few days of the United States armed forces leaving Iraq, sectarian violence breaks out with devasting consequences.

Should we be surprised though, as it appears to me that the US seem to leave any country it invades, legally or otherwise, in a far more unsafe and parlous state than it had been previously.

The recent explosions leaving dozens of innocent Iraqis dead and injured gives a lie to the US President when he stated that US troops are leaving Iraq a much more stable and safer country. Weasel words indeed. I feel the reason US forces were withdrawn at this particular time was to give Barack Obama a slim chance of being re-elected as President.

I sincerely hope the United Kingdom resists being bullied and pressured into any further conflicts in the world, however manufactured by the US, and that our brave soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan are brought home sooner rather than later.

Alan THORPE, Whitkirk

YEP Letters: March 16