Letter: We can’t afford it

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I have just watched an animation of the proposed routes for the new tramway.

What is the point of this service? It serves potentially less than 5 – 10 per cent of the residents of Leeds! It is on a route already supported well by buses (and after all is said and done this tram is just a bus on tracks!). The bulk of funding, if not all, is coming from our council tax (that of 100 per cent of the population of this great city).

Would it not have been better to place a few more strategically place park and ride schemes (like York) which can service the whole city.

In times of austerity we are planning to spend money we don’t have on a scheme we don’t need.

Come on councillors – wake up and smell the coffee (I refer readers to my previous rant, kindly printed a week or so ago, about Starbucks Tax Avoidance - they have just agreed to pay some tax, a pitiful amount but at least it is a start!)

Gordon Mayne