Letter: Underground transport cheaper than you think

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NGT, or New Generation Transport, involves running trolley buses over already really congested roads with long distances between stops (meaning lack of convenience for passengers).

To proceed with this ill-advised scheme simply to get Governnent money would seem to be very short sighted if not downright irresponsible.

How much better to scrap it now and start work on building an underground system. Only an underground scheme can meet the needs of Leeds, a sprawling city with a defined centre. Conferences held in Amsterdam point the way forward for such schemes (modern ones, not Victorian ones like the London Underground). Tunnelling is now very much cheaper than you would imagine.

It would be a labour intensive infrastructure scheme, of just the type the Coalition Government is proposing to take Britain out of recession. It would be costly, but the cost would be in jobs –which surely can’t be bad for the Leeds economy. The scheme could be designed and then implemented gradually as Government money is made available. Once built, it would confirm the importance of Leeds as a prime UK city.

If we had started on this 20 years ago, most of it would be built by now.

Once built, we will have it for generations. Just think what it would do for the vitality and future of Leeds.

Janet A. Bailey, Ash Grove, Leeds