Letter: Trolleybuses and trams will soon be out of date

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I REFER TO “facts not myths about trolleybus” Kevin Morris (YEP 9 May).

I note that the writer lives in Bradford, in common with the majority of trolleybus supporters he is not a Leeds resident and therefore will not suffer any inconvenience, should the project go ahead.

I am against the trolleybus for the following reasons:

1. Neither Metro nor NGT have been able to tell me what would happen to our through buses if it goes ahead. In the centre of Leeds the roads are narrow and there would not be room for trolleybuses and buses.

2. The trolleybuses would be bendy buses which are not as popular as double deckers. When they are busy they are like cattle trucks. Leeds wants to become a cycling city and bendies, though not as dangerous as trams, can suck a cyclist in. Bendies need a lot of space because they are longer than buses and therefore cannot go into the bus station which is inconvenient for people who use the No 72 bus and have to walk from Eastgate to the coach station.

3. If 250 trees have to be cut down the trolleybuses would not be environmentally friendly. Trees absorb CO2.

4. Councillor Andrew Carter was right when he said that there should have been a full consultation. There have been many promotions but never a proper consultation for the whole city. The £250m the Government has offered would not cover the full cost, even if everything went to plan. It is Leeds council tax payers and transport users who would have to pay the price and suffer cuts in the service and increased fares.

5. Technology is moving fast and trolleybuses and trams will soon be out of date. First and Arriva already have hybrid buses and battery operated electric buses will soon come along and Optaire could build them. They would not need wires or tram lines. If Leeds goes for the trolleybuses they will still be tail end Charley when they could be forging ahead with more modern transport.

P JOHNSON, Leeds 11