Letter: Trolleybuses a backward step

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NEARLY 60 YEARS ago, when a teenager, I used to cycle through Bradford on weekends and saw trolleybuses with overhead wires, which were soon removed and made redundant.

Now all these years later it’s decided Leeds will be getting them again with their ugly overhead wires. For what?

Like many letters against them, the latest Simon Dodgson (25 February) says no one wants them, and they will cause many problems for people in their path.

We will not be having even second best, as underground rail was best choice, followed by overhead mini rail and as London is getting billions for extensions to their underground system the cost excuse for Leeds does not now hold.

So like many readers have already said, it’s just a waste of money if we go backwards and have trolleybuses in Leeds.

A Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds 9