Letter: Trolleybus system will bring us no advantages

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The overwhelming majority of people around here are against the proposed trolleybus system.

The trolleybus will be of no advantage to the existing people on this corridor. In fact, it will be very detrimental to them and their environment.

It will reduce the quality of the public transport for them, since it will certainly cause the reduction in frequency of the existing buses along this route. At the same time, the trolleybus will have far fewer stops than the buses, causing most people a significantly longer walk to a stop. This could easily see more people going back to using their cars, particularly if they’re carrying heavy shopping from town.

We are going to have to put up with the destruction of the avenue of trees along Otley Road and the lopping or severe pruning of many others to make way for the overhead lines and columns to support them, changing the character of this part of Leeds forever.

All this, and the demolition of properties around the back of Headingley, is to seek a saving of three or four minutes travel time into the city centre.

I cannot believe this will be of any noticeable advantage to commuters from Boddington Hall Car Park, or any significant value to the city.

Bus timetables show that already, during the rush hour, the time taken by the number X84 is eight minutes shorter inbound and five minutes shorter on the outbound, than the number 1. This is due to the limited stop system, which is surely what the commuters from Boddington would appreciate. We don’t need a massively expensive system which would be detrimental to almost all the existing residents. There are much cheaper, better, alternatives.

The money being allocated to this scheme could be far better spent on projects which would benefit the residents. Such as keeping the city’s care homes open.

Len Peel, Lawnswood, Leeds