Letter: Trolleybus is deeply flawed

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HOW LONG will it take Councillor Lewis to accept that the NGT Trolleybus idea is deeply flawed and hugely unpopular?

Leeds people can see that a bendybus on wires is still a bendybus. They don’t fall for the wheeze that a bus is going to speed up journeys because it’s on wires. They know it’s because it’s making fewer stops.

Neither do they fall for the line that a single bendybus route from Holt Park to Stourton is ‘going to benefit the Leeds economy by £160m a year’.

They know that a bus which has far fewer seated passengers than a conventional one is not going to attract car drivers for one second.

And they know that the beautiful tree lined corridor of the A660 is going to be irreparably damaged by those we entrust to protect it.

Every public meeting of the Trolleybus is poorly attended whilst every meeting of its Headingley opposition group is standing room only. Have you got the message yet Councillor Lewis? If not, will voters in forthcoming local elections care to ask their candidates and deliver it?

Andrew Batty, Keswick Grange, Leeds LS17