Letter: Trolleybus fares

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AM I the only one to be shocked by Councillor James Lewis’s response to the latest trolleybus crisis?

When confronted with the news that there’s a £20m funding gap, Councillor Lewis proposed that Metro plug the gap by increasing the level of fares that will be charged on the trolleybuses.

Passengers are already paying well above the national average for the privilege of travelling by bus. Bus fares in Leeds are expensive and very poor value for money.

Readers should be also aware that Councillor Lewis intends giving a route monopoly to whichever bus company is chosen to operate the trolleybuses.

This is necessary because trolleybuses aren’t economically viable where there’s competition from other buses.

Trolleybuses will mean dearer fares, on buses with wires attached.

So if you think trolleybuses will improve public transport in Leeds – think again.

E GALILEE, Headingley