Letter: Trolleybus cash must go to different scheme

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Like many residents of Leeds I was pleased when I heard the NGT scheme had been approved and grateful to the city council for doggedly pursuing a solution to the city’s transport problems.

Now I see what is actually being proposed for the north Leeds sector, however, I’m convinced that it is a colossal waste of money.

Put simply, the anticipated benefits – slightly faster journey times from the ring road to the city centre – are far outweighed by the costs: the splitting in two of our community in Far Headingley/West Park; the cutting down of 250 trees along the route; the loss of bus services feeding into the A660; added congestion on neighbouring roads, and so on.

I’ve also learned that electric or hybrid buses would offer far greater environmental benefits, as well as more comforts (eg seats) to passengers.

It is true that the budget for NGT is coming mainly from central government, and I quite understand the city council being reluctant to ask for the grant to be redirected into a new scheme, after years of negotiation.

But it is surely the brave and honourable course of action to take, as future generations, and maybe even future governments, will recognise.

Martin Lamb, Moor Park Drive, Leeds