Letter: Trolley bus is a stupid idea

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I am a resident of Whitfield Avenue. If the trolley bus gets the go ahead it will run right outside my house. I think this is the most stupid idea the city council has ever come up with.

I have two small children plus I am a childminder so this coud affect my business. I do not think that it will be safe for my children to walk outside their own home not to mention the noise that it is going to cause when they are putting up the wires for it to run along.

My husband works nights so it is also going to cause problems for him when he is trying to sleep. In the letter that was posted through my door it says that when the trolley buses used to run in this country years ago they were called the ‘Silent Death’ because they were so quiet people didn’t hear them coming until it was too late. This does NOT reassure me.

How can the council justify building this through a housing estate? What about our safety and the safety of our children? There must be another route that it can take.

Mrs Smith