Letter: Trees will be ruined forever by ‘folly’ bus

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In reply to this letter of D. Laycock.

D. Laycock is partly right, but mostly wrong in his letter (YEP, April 15) “Trolleybus 
route trees need not face the chop”.

There is something very different about the NGT scheme compared to tram and trolleybus caternary systems using pantographs and cantilevered gantries (poles) in other countries. These other wired systems are much lower. They do not have to share significant parts of the route with high-sided vehicles such as 5.3 metre tall double-decker buses.

This means that in Leeds the wires will have to be about 6 metres up and the hangers from the poles even higher; probably 7 metres high. That’s why it is NOT difficult to understand why the Lawnswood trees cannot co-exist with the NGT trolleybus. Branches cannot lean over the 750-volt wires and so will have to be cut down.

Wind blown branches cannot be allowed to contact to wires under any circumstances.

I have questioned NGT officers face-to-face at two consultations stating this case, and they have not argued against it.The trees at Lawnswood and many elsewhere will be cut down by the folly bus. That is why the destruction of the trees is clearly labelled in the plans and that is why the green corridor from Woodhouse to Boddington fields will be ruined forever if this unpopular and unwanted scheme is allowed the go ahead.

Trevor Bavage, 
North Parade, Leeds