Letter: Trees for chop

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I’m very concerned by the assertion that mature trees need not be lost in construction of the trolleybus route. I have been to several presentations by members of the NGT team, whose good faith I do not doubt, and have been assured that they will be: it’s unavoidable.

The problem is, that they can’t yet say how many or where. As far as I can see, the NGT team is having terrible difficulties in meeting its deadlines, and I sympathise.

But that raises a more general problem. Whether it’s trees, or the precise route, or the re-organisation of junctions, or the effect on cross-city routes, or the number and location of Compulsory Purchase Orders, we’re all still in the dark.

And by ‘we’ I don’t just mean the ordinary citizens, I mean our elected representatives.

Those councillors, whose good faith I also do not doubt, are close to making a decision, at a cost of £250million, when they cannot possibly know exactly what they are deciding about.

That can’t be the right way to run a great city.

A E Green, Grosvenor Mount, Leeds