Letter: Tram-trains were practical solution

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Like James Bovington (letters 29th Sept) I have been advocating an alternative public transport for Leeds for more than 30 years. The suggestion I made to Metro was for tram-Trains which run on the existing railway network and light-rail links connected to it. Not only does this make the system cheaper than supertam or trolleybus, it means nearly all of the city can be included. If Metro had introduced such a system 30 years ago the savings made could have been used to create light- rail links to Leeds Bradford Airport and the White Rose Centre. The Links at the City end could have been run underground.

Unfortunately, at the time I suggested it, Leeds City Council had their head in the clouds and while Sheffield, Newcastle, and Manchester were looking to build Supertram systems, Metrol were looking to build an overhead monorail system, for no other reason than one-upmanship. By the time Metro realised that such a scheme was impracticable and unaffordable the money-pot was empty.

Martin J. Phillips, Tinshill Lane, Cookridge, Leeds LS16 7BE