Letter: Tory tinkering caused crisis

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We have council housing because our forefathers and mothers fought for it as a right to get themselves out of private sector slums.

The Tories, in the Thatcher era, cut £1bn from the housing allocation for Leeds, contributing to the crisis.

The right to buy for those in the best homes, in the best areas, with the best incomes also greatly reduced the supply when they could have perhaps have bought privately and of course the new owners were now responsible for their repairs which saved the Tory government billions – and then the Tories wouldn’t, of course, let the local councils keep the receipts from these sales to build anew!

Council tenants pay billions in tax, council tax etc and, of course, it is the labour of working people which creates the wealth and makes society work, so we should campaign for decent and affordable homes for all whatever the tenure.

Better Human Than Blue Man, via the YEP website

YEP Letters: March 16