Letter: Time to stand up and be counted

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Well said, James Bovington, what an excellent letter – we need Metro, the West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Authority, to form a transport policy that is fit for purpose. Yes trolleybuses are a small step forward, but only that.

We need local MPs to see the problems faced by many commuters and shoppers in Leeds. Glasgow have had an underground for more than 100 years. Yet a transport system that would be thought ordinary in Glasgow is not even considered.

Morley railway tunnel is 1 mile, 1609 yards long and was constructed in 1848, using 2000 men and 350 horses.

If the impoverish people of 1848 Yorkshire can build such a tunnel, surely our vastly rich Government that takes, and spends, 35% of all our money, could think a little harder than land surface transport?

Back in the 1840s Morley tunnel was constructed in less than three years; with today’s excess of Labour and modern machinery, Leeds could have a whole network of underground tunnels in a very short space of time?

So the local Councillors and Members of Parliament, stand up, shout loud, and be counted.

N Bywater, Airedale Terrace, Morley