Letter: This trolleybus ‘vanity project’ must be axed

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This trolleybus scheme is a vanity project dreamed up by theoreticians living in ivory towers. It’s an enormous outlay for very little return. Why don’t the people who supposedly represent us listen to us?

Yes, there’s a grant from central government for this scheme, but it’s the council taxpayers who are going to have to foot the bill for half the scheme; and, like most of these projects, the initial expected implementation costs are inevitably bound to rise.

We do not want this trolleybus; who is going to benefit from it? Certainly not the people of North Leeds; we’d rather keep our trees, walls, gardens and environment than be able to save a few minutes getting into Leeds.

Please listen to us! We are horrified, at a time of austerity, at the prospect of all this money being thrown at this project when libraries, swimming pools, day care centres and recreation centres are being threatened. If the council needs to make savings, make savings by scrapping this ridiculous scheme.

Please don’t ride roughshod over the feelings of Leeds residents.

Michael and Angela Rimmer, Otley Old Rd, Leeds