Letter: The folly buses

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Leeds City Council will spend at least £92m removing the 260 trees on the Otley Road and changing the whole aspect of the route.

The council will have to finance another £72m shortfall on the project. Guess who will pay?

No one on the Executive considered battery-powered buses. The list was hybrid trams and diesel units. The battery buses would run on the same roads with no alterations.

Trolleybuses are not environmentally friendly either.

Electricity is generated by gas and coal. Battery buses would be charged by solar cells. Also where are the 4,000 jobs? It still only needs one driver to operate the bus.

The advances in Lithium Sulphide batteries is staggering. The boffins have now doubled the distance they travel.

One company should operate the system and as there are an estimated 11 million passengers per annum, why not charge passengers £1 for one stop or the whole distance? Some £11m a year looks inviting to me.

G Geapin, Temple Newsam