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Thank you for a tremendous article about the love of Jimmy and Lucy Gittins (YEP, February 13); two wonderful people who have faced adversity head-on and how good to read a day before ‘Valentine’s Day’.

I was a Professional Rugby League Referee for more than 40 years and sadly I witnessed a number of very serious injuries where each of those men had the same tenacity of purpose towards recovery even though some had to be confined to a wheelchair for life.

In Jimmy’s case he was told that he would be a quadraplegic, a condition which it is impossible to comprehend and yet somehow with the love and support of Lucy he has achieved what can only be considered a miracle although he still has so much more hard work to do in order to achieve his ambitions.

He is a true testament to God’s goodness and an inspiration to those who need motivation to recover from serious illness and injury.

Good luck to Jimmy in his quest to canoe the waterways of Britain along with another stalwart of rugby league, Pete Stephenson.

Once again, thank you for your report and good luck to you and Lucy and Jimmy.

Michael Singer by email

YEP Letters: March 20