Letter: Teenage burglars should be taught the harsh way

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I had to check the date of Thursday’s YEP and make sure it was not April 1st! Sylvia Chenery has carried out research into teenage burglary, as a career!

I could have saved her the effort, and the tax payer millions. The reason these people carry out these thefts is because they have nothing to fear, pure and simple. If, in the unlikely event they are caught they will be allowed about 20 or 30 offences before they are ‘punished’. They will meet other like minded ‘victims,’ in jail with nothing or nobody to fear.

What a difference in attitude there would be if they knew the moment they were arrested, they would be housed in harsh surroundings, with very little comfort and plain food, with only time to sleep, when found guilty. They should be removed from their environment where there is no sense of guilt, at wrongdoing and taught the harsh lesson of not touching anything that does not belong to you. Sadly a lesson not taught thoroughly enough in today’s society or schools. A Borstal type of schooling would equip these villains much better than today’s social worker environment. They could be taught discipline and a trade, making them worthwhile members of society. I would like to see the ‘birch’ returned for offenders over 16. That would wipe the smirks off their faces when they come out of court after their latest telling off from impotent magistrates!


Simon Brown, from Morley, Leeds.

YEP Letters: January 19