Letter: Swiss looking to go wireless

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Your article on the report on the shortfall in the funding of the NGT trolleybus does make it sound as if opposition to this scheme is limited to defending various green spaces and that problems can be solved by tinkering with the current plans.

Let me assure you that many of us living near the proposed route oppose basic features of the scheme. Our planners might look with profit at what is happening in Switzerland, a country which has traditionally made much use of trolleybuses because of cheap hydroelectric power.

They have not always been popular, and in Fribourg they were partially replaced in 2004 by hybrid buses. In Geneva the authorities are now anxious to get rid of what they call the “visual pollution” caused by overhead cables, and this coming May they are going to test wireless electric buses, with a view to spreading their use throughout the country (see Tribune de Genève, August 21, 2012, pp.1, 14).

Christopher Todd, Cumberland Road, Leeds