Letter: Speak out against closure of children’s heart unit

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Who are these faceless National Health Service chiefs making this terrible decision to close the children’s heart surgery in Leeds?

Do they not realise the huge worries the parents of the children will have to face in addition to the overwhelming heartbreak of the illness affecting them; just a few I can think of include travel up the A1 or motorway to Newcastle (with the usual traffic jams at the Gateshead Metro Centre); the usual traffic hold-ups on the M62 to Liverpool, parents having to try and arrange where they (or perhaps only one) can stay during surgery; expenses to be incurred with any prolonged stay; added strain in being separated from other children they may have left at home in Leeds.

The list is endless and the most important consideration is the Leeds department has a wonderful, caring reputation, brilliant doctors and nurses and should be left to continue without depriving the citizens of Yorkshire, as the department also covers other areas of the life-saving efforts carried out to help these children.

Come on, Yorkshire MPs, speak up and fight more strongly.

Edna Levi, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 20