Letter: Seven sins of trolleybus - Anger over transport plan for area

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We wish to express our annoyance at the trolleybus running through Whitfield Square.

1) This will be dangerous for children and animals. The children play in the square as at the moment it has no traffic going through and is therefore safe for them, and we can watch over them from our homes.

2) It will reduce the value of our homes considerably.

3) We will have considerable disruption to our lives while the work goes ahead and when it is completed.

4) It will affect our privacy running so close to our homes.

5) The cost is scandalous at a time when cutbacks are been made by the council 
on amenities that would benefit the district much more.

6) We will have to look out at unsightly electric cables running overhead and pylons.

7) We have a adequate bus service running to the centre of Leeds and feel 
this is an unnecessary expense.

John Sykes, by email