Letter: Schools could take a lead on renewable energy

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WE are writing this letter because we are organising a campaign for our GCSE Citizenship course. Our aim is to encourage schools to use renewable sources of energy. We are Year 10, Mount St Mary’s students and we would like to express our opinion on the current situation.

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We think that a campaign is needed as we are running out of fossil fuels, so we need to start to find ways of saving it for future generations. We need much greener ways of making energy than we have at the moment.

We’ve been researching on the alternative ways of supplying energy and have found many different ways of producing power for our homes. We have found a lot of cost-effective renewable energy sources and have wondered why nobody has really considered using these cheap sources in our schools.

Also, we would like to encourage Leeds City Council to have a debate about increasing schools budgets so that they can develop ways of reducing the amount of energy they use. Buying solar panels or wind turbines are expensive but will pay for themselves in the long term.

We are mainly concentrating on high schools as most of them are very big and they have many ICT rooms and computers which are turned on for the whole day. This is a big waste of energy.

Could you support us by contacting your local councillor and asking them what they think of the current situation.

Oliwier Skibinski, William Loveridge, Sam Wallace, Connor Craig Jackson, Mount St Mary’s High School, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 16