Letter: Scheme should be scrapped

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For the new generation transport to be successful it must focus on satisfying its customers, albeit at a profit.

Speaking to neighbours and friends in North Leeds, I have not met anyone who supports the suggested NGT scheme.

Rather than going to the enormous expense and disruption of erecting masts and overhead cables along one of the main arteries into Leeds, we should be looking at a mode of transport that suits the existing A660 road-way.

The current bus service is excellent, and future buses, the hybrids and electric ones, will do an even better job.

Yes: there will still be traffic congestion along the A660 in rush-hour – London, with its underground and Newcastle with its Metro network still suffer from road-congestion in their rush-hours.

Furthermore, can we afford to spend £250m on such a scheme – and are we getting value for money?

So let’s turn this problem into an opportunity: scrap the NGT scheme, which we cannot afford, and get behind our local manufacturer, Optare, and their hybrid and electric buses.

It is time to support local manufacturers wherever possible, and the affiliated businesses that are created. It’s a case of what we can do for ourselves now, rather than expect hand-outs from the Government.

Sunderland has its Nissan- where production now is centred on the all electric “Leaf”cars. Could the same be said for Leeds having its Optare, making all electric buses for the UK and for export?

Douglas Gilliam, West Park