Letter: Restore city’s tram network

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IT REALLY will not do for Kieran Preston, the head of Metro, to lay the blame for congestion in Leeds at London’s door (YEP, October 9). If Mr Preston was serious about solving our transport problems, he could do so very quickly indeed, by restoring the city’s tram network.

The old tramlines were never taken up. They were simply covered over with tarmac. They are there beneath our streets just waiting for someone with imagination to uncover them and provide a power supply and new trams.

Blackpool had the right idea. They kept their trams. If we had done the same, we wouldn’t be in the jam we’re in now. But it’s still not too late to restore our old tram system. And it could be done using the money the Government has promised for Mr Preston’s trolleybus project. That would be a far better use of £250 million.

Hannah Johnson, Stanmore Crescent, Leeds 4