Letter: Residents’ quality of life must not diminish

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I read with interest your letter from councillor Andrew Carter.

I do not usually vote Labour, but as someone who lives in Headingley, a ward that is rather nearer the centre of town than his ward of Calverley and Farsley, I find his arguments extremely worrying.

In our part of town, residents’ only parking schemes need to be radically expanded, not abandoned.

Park-and-riders clog up our road and make turning in and out of Headingley Lane difficult and even dangerous.

Because of the congestion caused by private motorists we are threatened with a trolleybus scheme which is in danger of damaging the distinctive and attractive character of a large part of North-West Leeds.

Because of bus deregulation, we cannot be sure that we will continue to have a direct link to the central bus and coach station, since, it will be remembered, we do not have a bus and train hub, this being thought less important than the wishes of those who wanted to built office blocks around the station.

Andrew Carter has form. He was already in favour of turning part of historic Woodhouse Moor into a car park.

We all recognize the importance of helping local business, but not at the expense of diminishing severely the quality of life for many of those who live in Leeds.

Christopher Todd, Leeds