Letter: Reasons why trolleybus won’t be good for Leeds

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I REFER to ‘Business backs NGT as new plans revealed’ (YEP, June 13).

I still disagree that the trolleybus would be good for Leeds for the following reasons:

1) It would not be operational until 2020. It would stop outside the arena, but we could manage without it for seven years. If I was to go to the arena I would use the No 1 bus. It is only a short walk away, even the elderly or disabled could manage that.

2) The public transport corridor could still operate from the Parkinson Building with buses, if that was desirable.

3) There needs to be a breakdown of the £176m addition to the Leeds economy and the 4,000 jobs – both sound over the top. If it were to have the same effect as the Edinburgh tram, jobs could be lost.

4) Metro and NGT have still not answered my question: What would happen to the buses in the city centre? There doesn’t appear to be room for both.

5) Leeds doesn’t have a disused railway track like London. The Wimbledon to West Croydon line is now a tram/train track which runs into Wimbledon Station through a tunnel and connects with the main line and the district line at one end and at the other end West Croydon where it connects with the main line to London. There will have been minimum disruption and it must be a winner. Neither does Leeds have big wide roads like Sheffield.

6) I was surprised that Richard Lewis supports it when he admitted that he had been given a hard time in Headingley the night before he came to the Beeston forum due to the trolleybus.

7) It should be given a new name OGT (Older Generation Transport) and not NGT. By the time it is finished it will be out-of-date. Electric buses will have been perfected.

P Johnson, Cross Flatts Grove, Leeds 11