Letter: Radical move

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While Rod McPhee is correct in suggesting the NGT (Trolleybus) is nothing more than a status symbol for Leeds, he fails to understand that the scheme is actually saying that Leeds is second best to Manchester, Sheffield, and Newcastle, all of which have supertrams.

What Leeds really needs is a public transport system that is superior to Supertram e.g. a Tram-Train network. Since this uses existing railway infrastructure it will cover a greater part of the city and require less expense.

The money saved can be used to attach link lines taking trams into the city centre and link lines adjoining the rail network from areas of larger population e.g. a link line could extend to Crossgates along the route of the old Wetherby railway line from Swarcliffe and Scholes.

If Leeds wants to regain its status as Capital of the North, it needs to be more radical in its approach to public transport and introduce a system that not only gives the city status but will also offer a quicker and cheaper alternative to using a car.

Martin J Phillips, Tinshill Lane, Cookridge