Letter: Put Leeds first

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It’s been reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post (June 25) that at a recent meeting of Leeds City Council’s Executive Board, the head of Highways, Coun Richard Lewis said of the trolleybus scheme: “It isn’t just Leeds riding on this, it’s the other districts.

“They are saying that they’d love to have NGT and Leeds needs to push through with it as this will affect them too.”

If I’m not mistaken, Councillor Lewis was elected to represent the interests of Leeds. He should therefore be pursuing what is in the best interests of Leeds, not what the other districts want.

If Leeds City Council is prepared to make do with a trolleybus system, described by Councillor Andrew at the same Executive Board meeting as “not the city’s first choice,” because this is what the 
other districts want, then the 
sooner Leeds quits Metro the better.

Leeds is very different to Bradford, Wakefield and the other districts, and transport solutions which might work in these smaller cities, are not necessarily going to work in Leeds.

A city the size of Leeds needs a rapid transit system to get people quickly from one side of the city to the other.

At 12mph from Lawnswood to the city centre, the trolleybus is not rapid transit.

Bob Jones, City Island