Letter: Planners are off their trolley

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So Mr Metro Coun James Lewis thinks he knows better than the department of transport.

After 10 years what has the West Yorkshire Integrated Transport Plan achieved?

All I can see is they have changed the name of stations to hubs, so we have a rail hub in LS1, a bus hub in LS2,and soon a faster rail hub in LS11.

Do you think they know what integrated means?

Of all the options for a new transport system, the one chosen shows our planners are off their trolley.

The idea anyone would travel by car or van then stop and catch a bus the last few miles is absurd.

There is a simple fact – buses and even more so trains, are hugely expensive, they are either a business and pay their taxes, or they are a service and subsidised by tax payers.

There is no third way, we have heard all that rubbish before.

We need to look into the cost of Mr Lewis’s and his 22 councillors, and their ridiculous fanciful claims.

Bob Nicol, Leeds