Letter: Petition launched over Leeds golf course closure plan

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Two golf courses are due to be closed in Leeds: Middleton and Gotts Park, in the south and west, whereas Roundhay and Temple Newsam remain open.

I have played Middleton for the last 15 years, four or five times a week as have many more golfers and as a pensioner it is the only exercise and pleasure I have now.

I am led to believe that trees are going to be planted on the fairways to make Middleton woods larger – surely it’s big enough and what are the plans for Gotts Park and the clubhouse. Money has been spent at the Middleton clubhouse, ie a new kitchen – where is that going?

If the powers that be have looked at the current turnover, Middleton must be at the bottom of this list this year. Due to the bad weather, it has been closed quite a lot and if open there has been a trolley ban and most of the golfers who have trolleys are not able to carry their clubs hence a poor turnover.

Just across the road there is South Leeds Golf Club which is private. This never closes, their greenkeepers simply close off the worst holes, why has this not been done at Middleton?

Could the decision makers for our city have a re-think of what they are depriving the golfers south of the river of? There is a petition being signed at Middleton and I ask all ‘Miggy’ golfers to sign it as soon as possible.

T ROWSE, Greenmount Terrace, Beeston

The Bronte Parsonage Museum, Haworth.

YEP Letters: January 16