Letter: Our driving nightmare!

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My wife and I had booked tickets to the Leeds Grand Theatre on Saturday to see the opera Julius Caesar in Egypt, produced by Opera North.

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We travelled over to Leeds early Saturday afternoon, arriving at about 3.30pm.

We contrived to miss our exit from the inner ring road, and then spent about half an hour having a Grand Tour of your magical one-way system. No matter how we tried, we could not find our way to the Travelodge in Vicar Lane. I stopped to ask directions, and had a stroke of luck, in meeting a gentleman called Steve, who has worked for your local bus company (First Bus?) for over 20 years. Rather than reel off directions, he offered to show us the way, and we had the pleasure of his company, as he directed us to our destination. We also had a guided tour, as he pointed out various landmarks, and places of interest as we circumnavigated the one way system to our hotel and car park.

Would you please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Steve, without whom we would no doubt have spent even longer going round in circles.

We would like to visit Leeds again, but perhaps would do so by rail!

Peter & Barbara Mann, Frost Drive, Irby, Wirral

YEP Letters: March 16