Letter: Opposition is growing to trolleybus scheme

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I am amazed by the claims that Clifford Steady makes in his letter ‘Trolleybus scheme can’t arrive soon enough’ (Your Views, March 15).

The veracity of some his more extravagant claims and confusions do not stand up to inspection.

His statement “many people in Headingley think like me” is just not the case. The concern and opposition is growing rapidly as can be seen in the letters in the YEP.

Four of the community associations in Headingley now oppose or are highly sceptical about the NGT trolleybus scheme. A total of 11 community groups and many individuals have affiliated to the A660 Joint Council which is opposing the scheme. The A660 Joint Council recently held meetings to packed audiences. Where was Mr Steady?

There are many “dis-benefits” about the outmoded trolleybus. The Green corridor from Woodhouse to Lawnswood is under threat from the NGT project. In addition many local councillors along the A660 have become recently highly critical of the recent round of consultations and do not believe that the trolleybus will deal with congestion nor do they think it suits the needs of the wider community.

All over the country, hybrid-electric buses are becoming a much-favoured environmental option, even in Manchester with its tram system, and not as Mr Steady claims.

I think Clifford Steady is almost alone in his views. His neighbourhood is travelling away from him – hopefully not on Old Generation Transport (OGT) systems like a trolleybus, but on modern technology

Trevor Bavage, North Parade, Leeds

Simon Brown, from Morley, Leeds.

YEP Letters: January 19