Letter: ‘No’ to trolleybus

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WHAT AN idiotic idea to bring back trams or trolleybuses. I can remember the trolleybuses and trams. My father was a driver on the buses.

The reasons I object to them are:

1) The cost;

2) The disruption;

3) They are restricted to a particular route by rail or lines;

4) If there is a blockage in its route it can’t get round;

5) Restricted to one company, should not be restricted monopoly;

6) Why on certain particular routes?

7) The vehicle cannot change route to benefit changing circumstance. ie a new education facility, shopping area or businesses;

8) Why does it not go to the airport etc?

9) Single decks used to have double decks;

10) What is wrong with hybrid buses with a choice of fuels (diesel and reclaimed oils) and choice of routes, no descriptions and less cost?

They should spend the money on improving road services, etc.

I Stubbs, Leeds 10