Letter: No NGT assurance over maintaining bus routes

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I went to the latest drop-in sesson on the trolleybus scheme, armed with a list of questions, and rather alarmingly the members of the NGT team quite honestly admitted that they would probably not be in a position to answer most of them.

For instant, the curbing of wildcat park-and-ride is not part of their remit, and most worryingly, because of bus deregulation, there can be no assurance that any particular bus service will be maintained, especially if it should prove less profitable because of the presence of the trolleybus.

Nobody seems to know whether any buses will still be found on Headingley Lane? What about the limited-stop bus to Skipton? What will happen to buses going to Tinshill (no.6), or along the new Otley Road, from Lawnswood to Holt Lane (no.1), or to Adel, via Weetwood lane (no.28)? Are those living in those areas going to find it more difficult to get easy direct access to the city centre? And would those living on much of the route still have a direct link to the bus and coach station, since the interests of local citizens were already overlooked when the chance to have an integrated bus and train hub was thought less important than the commercial interests of those anxious to build office blocks near the station?

Among other things, the scheme would seem to cast a great deal of uncertainty over the future availability of convenient bus travel within much of North-West Leeds in general.

Christopher Todd