Letter: No conspiracy against Leeds

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Public transport in Leeds is failing.

Traffic is gridlocked everywhere. Scott Nicholson blames the Government for this appalling state of affairs (YEP, October 11).

But then as a would-be city councillor, it’s only natural for him to try to shift the blame away from the council, where the real responsibility lies.

There is no conspiracy at Whitehall against Leeds. Why should there be? To encourage such thinking is irresponsible and gets us nowhere.

The failure to improve public transport in Leeds is because no convincing business case for it has ever been presented to the Government.

So let’s hear no more cries of “poor little Leeds” from councillors and would-be councillors. It’s depressing and serves no useful purpose. Instead, let’s be proud of our city and stand up for it.

If we want an underground, let’s ask for the money for it, and keep on asking. Saying there’s no point asking for the money because we’ll never get it is self-defeating.

Leeds is a major European city. Let’s start behaving like one.

Dawn Carey Jones, South Headingley