Letter: New year message to the Prime Minister

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Here we go again. When will they ever learn?, is the question I put to the likes of Messrs Johnston, Nicholson, Boyes and “name and address supplied”.

The unemployment figure is soaring and the Tory nonsense that the private sector will pick up the slack is shown to be yet another pipe dream. For every 14 jobs lost, only one is created by the private sector.

These who now rule our lives are whistling in the wind, with the economy flat-lining month after month and the growth predicted by the Chancellor as far away as ever. There is no plan of action to give a boost to our shrinking economy.

All of the waffle spouted by Cameron and Osborne makes me think of Nero and fiddling. Cameron returned from Europe saying he acted “in the interest of Britain”. He acted to appease the troublesome Eurosceptics and in the interests of the bankers, speculators and investors in the City, who were largely responsible for the mess we are in. The same kind of people who the majority of the front bench have to thank for their upbringing and lifestyle that is only available for the wealthy.

If, as Cameron stated, “ours is a country based on Christian values”, why is it that, in these austere times, it is the poor who are suffering the biggest cuts, when it is the richest who are better placed to bear them? Would Jesus have cut the winter heating allowance? Would he have stood by and allowed the rich and powerful to avoid paying their taxes? Did he not throw the money lenders out of the temple?

My message to Mr Cameron is simple: Try practising what you preach, and show some humility.

When will they ever learn?

R PEARSON, Brignall Garth, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 20