Letter: Moor reasons for a battle

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WOODHOUSE MOOR has seen many battles throughout its history.

Parliamentarian troops gathered there before their assault on Royalist Leeds.

The suffragettes held a rally there during their struggle for women’s suffrage,

And seven years ago people from Hyde Park, Leeds and beyond fought to save the part of the Moor known as Monument Moor from a council plan for a pay and display car park – and won!

Now another threat looms for this part of Leeds’ oldest public park in the form of the NGT trolleybus proposals to send trolleybuses across Monument Moor.

In fact, according to Neil Hudson’s excellent article, a Metro spokesperson doesn’t even know that Monument Moor is part of Woodhouse Moor! She is quoted saying that people are relieved to hear the trolleybuses are not going across Woodhouse Moor but only Monument Moor!

Read your history Mr/Mrs Metro! Originally Woodhouse Moor stretched from Burley Road to Woodhouse Ridge. Encroachment over many years caused such concern that in 1857 the council bought the remaining Moor, from Moorland Road to Woodhouse Cliff, to preserve the area for local people, for their “recreation and leisure”.

The proposed destruction of Monument Moor to make a car park was anathema to local people in 2006, and we will not allow it to be sacrificed to the trolleybus! Friends of Woodhouse Moor was set up during the Stop the Car Park Campaign, when the Council Executive Board received a record number of letters and e-mails supporting our struggle. On Tuesday, January 22nd 5.30-7.30pm there is a consultation at City of Leeds School about the NGT scheme. Please come to this, find out more and give your views.

Please write to the YEP, your councillors and MPs to say that all of Woodhouse Moor is our public space and no part of it should provide a convenient route for the NGT trolleybus.

SUE BUCKLE, Leeds 6.