Letter: Millions squandered on ‘white elephant’ scheme

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The council tax-payers of Leeds must despair at being willfully ignored by the elected councillors over the pathetic 1950s trolleybus proposals.

It should be crystal clear from the Letters pages of the Evening Post that, if a referendum were to be held, the overwhelming majority would be against this ludicrous white elephant that appears to have been costed on the back of a fag packet!

The Labour administration is constantly bleating about Coalition cuts and yet can apparently conjure up millions of pounds to back this ill thought out waste of everyone’s money.

Can they explain where the money is coming from? Because let’s face it, the overall cost of the project will end up being a lot more than the £250m guesstimate.

It sadly appears that the ruling Labour group has also lost its moral as well as its economic compass.

They have punished some of the worst off in the city by ending grants for school uniforms to save a mere £600,000. Shame on them! Saving £600,000 from the most vulnerable and then squandering millions against the wishes of those that put them in power doesn’t add up, even on the back of a fag packet.

Peter Gargett, Holt Park Rise, LS16