Letter: Look at the bigger picture

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No mention at all about the struggles the likes of Lord Harewood’s are facing up to.

This is typical doom and gloom reporting from a lackey press.

Instead of getting people to realise their collective interests and get rid of the toffs living it up they write stories that reinforce the inequality and externalise the blame – mortgages hard to come by, rents going up etc.

No mention of greedy landlords and the aristocrats still owning about 50 per cent of the land in Britain – address these issues and it is clear that families living in over priced rental accommodation waiting years for a substandard council house to rent should already have a nice house and couple of acres of land.

Remp, via the YEP website

* Social housing is a disgrace due to lack of government investment for decades.

A so-called tenancy agreement that some tenants break with regularity and get away with due to lack of the courts backing the council, (admitted at council meetings I attended), thus leaving large areas where you wouldn’t want to live even if you were offered it.

luvmeteam via the YEP website

YEP Letters: March 16