Letter: Let’s get moving

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Kieran Preston says an underground system for Leeds would never get off the ground. He claims it would be too costly (YEP, October 9).

But this is for the Department of Transport to decide, not Mr Preston. What we need from the head of Metro is a “can-do” attitude, someone with ambition who will accept nothing less than an underground for Leeds. Instead, we get a string of excuses.

When the government refused the money for Supertram, Mr Preston simply gave up. If he had truly believed a tram system was the answer to our congestion problems, he would have submitted a revised business case. Now he tells us that a trolleybus will solve our transport problems for far less money than a tram. If this is true, then why did he originally apply for the money for a tram system?

Clearly Mr Preston does not know what he wants, and the rest of Metro along with him. But we the people of Leeds do know that we need a solution to gridlock. And we would like it in our lifetime. Mr Preston, please take note.

Janet Bailey, Ash Grove, Headingley, Leeds