Letter: Lack of ambition

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Last July, James Lewis, the head of Metro, claimed the trolleybus scheme would be a “congestion buster”.

But in January this year, the NGT project director said the scheme could add to congestion on the route.

Another councillor recently said that battery-powered buses take all day to re-charge. In fact, they take just two hours.

Other councillors claim an underground system isn’t feasible because Leeds has numerous old mine shafts. This contradicts what the City Engineer said in 1945 when he drew up plans for an underground system.

Councillors tell us a trolleybus is the best we can expect because the government refused funding for Supertram on the ground it was too costly.

In fact, the reason given was that Metro hadn’t demonstrated value for money.

With councillors who have so little knowledge of transport matters, and who are so lacking in ambition for a better transport system, is it any wonder they’re happy to accept this second rate, out of date trolleybus system.

Kim Cowell, Ring Road, Farnley