Letter: Janet Street Porter’s Royal pregnancy claim was sick

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Jack Banner (YEP Letters 06/12/12) is not alone in being irritated by the media coverage of the Duchess Of Cambridge and her sudden stay in hospital.

I emphasise the word “sudden” because one wonders whether anyone “ordinary”, for want of a better word, would be hospitalised so quickly for these symptoms in these days of NHS austerity ?

I also find it rather ironic that there was blanket coverage in the week after Leveson and Cameron’s reluctance to make control of the press statutory. However, words cannot express (to use a popular phrase) my disbelief when I inadvertently caught the beginning of Loose Women on Tuesday, thinking the news was on at 12.30.

As I prepared to check the actual time it was on, Janet Street Porter offered her opinion that the announcement about the Duchess had been stage managed (by the Govt) to deflect attention away from the Autumn Statement Budget on Wednesday.

She’s paid to have this mildly paranoid but also farcical opinion, based on what concrete evidence? I think I would rather listen to/watch endless hours of Royal coverage than repeat this painful, experience.

I’ve never switched a telly off so quickly !

R Kimble, Leeds

YEP Letters: March 16