Letter: It’s time we quit farcical Eurovision

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It would seem that correspondent Graham Branston, (Letters, May 20), is suggesting that Engelbert Humperdinck should hang up his microphone after the farce we know as the Eurovision Song Contest.

Although our song barely troubled the scoreboard, it was infinitely better than most of the songs gaining more votes, and sung by a man who even at 76, is a far superior singer than most of the others who took part. I wonder how many of them could pull in the crowds in Las Vegas as this man has done for years.

The fact that it is no longer a song contest, merely a political statement and an old pals act, was evident once again. Graham Norton, as Terry Wogan always did, predicted who would vote for who before any announcement was made by the various presenters.

It says it all when the twirling, talentless twin twits Jedward managed to gain more votes than Engelbert.

It amazes me why we even bother to enter this contest, when we know, along with the USA, we have contributed more to pop music and the popular song than any of the other nations in this sham of a contest. We have nothing to prove!

Ron Davies, Yeadon

YEP Letters: February 19